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Bringing an Original Broadway Theatre Back to Life

Hudson Theatre


Project summary


Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG) has entered into an agreement with Millenium Hotels to restore Broadway’s Hudson Theatre. The renovation includes provision of new patron amenities and lounges, new audience seating throughout the auditorium, and all new stage engineering systems in the stage house.


The Hudson Theatre originally opened in 1902. It served as a Broadway Theatre, later serving as a radio studio, television studio, and then as a night club on the way to its current incarnation as a convention and rental space for the Times Square Millenium Hotel.


The renovation will include replacing the late 20th century seating, increasing the seat count from its previous 699 to 970. Outdated and substandard equipment in the stagehouse will be removed and replaced with modern equipment designed to perform at the level of quality expected of Broadway performance.


The Hudson possesses a natural acoustic that is highly conducive to the intimacy we strive to achieve in a playhouse. Our objective has been to understand the performance the auditorium and stagehouse provides and make sure that the renovated theatre provides the same level of quality.