AJ Client of the Year - Shortlist

The National Theatre was nominated for the 2015 RIBA Client of the Year Award by Haworth Tompkins and Stanton Williams. Read more here.


The NT Future team has been a superb client throughout this long and fiendishly complicated project. From the outset Nick Starr, who led the conceptual phases, established an atmosphere of shared creative endeavour, intelligent dialogue and unflappable positive thinking, while Lisa Burger, who led the construction phases, was equally calm under great pressure and endlessly resourceful in negotiating the twists and turns of a multi-phased, technically daunting build. Nick and Lisa were supported by a chorus of soloists, each an expert in their field, which made the project both demanding and rewarding.


The NT understood better than most the imperatives of deadlines and budgets, but also that the best results would emerge in an atmosphere of shared risk, creative collaboration and constant re-evaluation. What was most impressive was their refusal to fall back on a conventional consumer/supplier relationship when the going occasionally got tough. Rather, they had the sophistication and confidence to protect the creative space in which the right solutions could be found and the probity of the work maintained. The resulting project is a tribute to the excellence of this extraordinary group of individuals.


Steve Tompkins, project director